Update news for 2011-07-08


  • Fix: Connection to the server was dropped when entering a terminal took an unusually long time.
  • Fix: Robots were vulnerable during the time between initializing an in-zone teleport and getting to the other side.

Robots and modules

  • New: Added a cancel insurance option to robot right-click menus.
  • Change: The package option was missing from insured robots. The option has been added and it will now show an error when you try to package them. So you'll know why you can't do that.
  • Change: Signal detection and signal masking of combat assault robots has been set to 100/100 (their speed, mass, and extra headslot remained).
  • Change: ECCMs have been reverted to passive EW defense modules.
  • Change: Increased the passive resistance values of the T3 universal armor plate by 1.
  • Change: Reduced the mass of the T2 small armor repairer.
  • Change: Increased the repair amount of the T3 small remote armor repairer.
  • Change: Coprocessors now require the "Dataprocessing" extension instead of "Optimized electronic warfare".
  • Change: Argano and Laird gained +1 head and +1 leg slot. Also increased their base CPU performance by 10 TF, and their base accumulator capacity by 40 AP (Mk2 too).
  • Change: Reduced the cycle time of small miner and small harvester modules.


  • Fix: Corporation insurance was broken.


  • Fix: Level 0 delivery and transport assignment windows didn't close when the deliver button was pressed.


  • Fix: CSV export was missing from the market.


  • New: Added an orientation indicator on both the radar and the world map.
  • New: The radar has now the option to be in a fixed north orientation, and only the indicator of the camera rotates on it (right click, "Rotate with camera").
  • New: Added separate icons for the "new objective" and "objective completed" toast messages.
  • Change: Moved the "Surface hit size" parameter in robot infos under the Defense section.
  • Fix: Closing the world map should be now faster.
  • Change: Offline Agents in squads are now sorted to the end of the member list.


  • New: Completely revamped the friend system. Adding friends now works on a request/approve basis, and both friends and blocked players have been merged under the new "Contacts" tab in Agent profile/Relations. (Since this is a completely new system, unfortunately all old friends and blocked players have been removed.)
  • Fix: Writing an agent note will not set him as a friend anymore.

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