Update news for 2011-03-30


  • Change: Terminals and teleports are now always visible within a zone, regardless of distance.


  • Change: The Advanced and Expert repair technologies extensions have been removed and the spent EP and NIC has been reimbursed.
  • Change: The Basic repair technologies extension is now complexity 3 and gives 3% bonus to repair discount per level. This extension has also been removed from all characters and the EP&NIC has been reimbursed so everyone can make their decisions based on the changes.


  • Fix: T4 Range extender and T4 Remote sensor amplifier were missing from the kernel research database.


  • Fix: Checking the properties of remote corporation storages has thrown an error for Agents with Storage operator roles.


  • New: Completely redesigned the market rates tab. The new graphs now show average prices together with a highest & lowest price band, and there is also a separate traded amount graph. Timespan is selectable from 1 week up to 1 year, and you can also choose to see local or global data, gathered from all terminals. The latter is also available while on the terrain. Note: due to a bug in the past, data before 02-19 may not be accurate.


  • New: Added corporation column to the "Most dangerous Agents" list.
  • New: Added new filter dropdowns for assignment levels in the assignments window, now also on the All assignments tab.
  • New: Added close buttons for help tabs.


  • Fix: Alphabetic characters could be pasted into numbers-only input fields which could cause various issues.

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