Update news for 2011-01-13 - Lithus and the interference system

Spotlight features


The interference system is a new tactical feature and its effects will be most apparent when fighting in large groups. You can get some insight and read about all the details in our new developer blog and the in-game help.

New transport mech

The Lithus, a new heavy mech class transport robot is now available. Boasting 240 units of cargo space, the big brother of the Sequer will hopefully satisfy all your hauling needs. As with all new technology, it's up to you to gain the knowledge from alien kernels.

Roaming NPCs

New, rare types of alien robots freely roam the lands of both alpha and beta islands, keeping new types of kernels. Watch out though, they might be a tad too much for lone cowboys.

Trophies & losses

Added two new tabs to the Agent profile/Career section, called trophies and losses. Trophies will list your PvP kills, and losses will show the robots you have lost to other Agents or NPCs. Both statistics work based on killing shots.

New localizations

The client is now available in both French and Slovenian languages.


  • Change: Mobile teleport beacons cannot be deployed anymore if there is one already deployed within 500 meters.
  • Change: Beta island syndicate protected areas have been completely removed.
  • Change: Syndicate protection effect and molecular instability timers increased to 45 seconds.
  • Change: Syndicate protection effect will now drop instantly when locking, using a module or on any robot movement.
  • Change: Your robot will not disappear anymore from the terrain as long as you have an active PvP flag, even if you disconnect.
  • Change: Safe logout is not possible anymore with an active PvP flag.
  • Change: Robot insurance prices will now react more quickly to average market price changes.
  • Change: When a player is killed in an Arkhe by another player there will be a 10 minute cooldown period before they can request a new one.
  • Change: Autorun will not activate anymore when speed is set to 0.

Robots and modules

  • New: Added interference modules and 2 types of interference emitters to go with them.
  • Fix: Optimal range and damage modification parameters were mixed up in tier4 small autocannons.
  • Change: Lowered the cycle time of tier3 small autocannons.
  • Change: Tier 3 and 4 missile launchers gained a new "Missile optimal range modification" parameter, adding a 10% and 20% optimal range increase, respectively.
  • Change: Lowered the explosion size of medium missiles to 8 for compact missiles, and 9 for ballistic missiles, making them more effective against smaller targets.
  • Change: Lowered the optimal range of small missiles from 150/180 to 135/160 meters.
  • Change: Lowered the optimal range of medium compact missiles from 150/180 to 135/160 meters.
  • Change: Lowered the optimal range of medium ballistic missiles from 330/395 to 300/350 meters.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of small and medium energy transferers by roughly 50%.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of small energy drainers by roughly 25%.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of small energy neutralizers by roughly 25%.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of remote sensor amplifers to 300m.
  • Change: Increased the speed of all light combat robots (this does NOT include light EW robots).
  • Change: Slightly increased the speed of all assault robots.
  • Change: Slightly lowered the EW strength of sensor suppressors.
  • Change: Increased the modification effects of all NEXUS modules.


  • New: Added icon for Range extender and Universal geoscanner charge.


  • New: Added the Interference modulation extension which increases the interference emitter strength modifier of interference modules.


  • Change: All light EW robots will now require espitium as a component for production.


  • Fix: Standings display will now update properly when players are changing corporations whilst they're on the terrain.


  • Change: Assignment standing reward fading will now start at lower standing levels. Previously a Level 1 assignment awarded full standing rewards as long as you had less than 2.0 standing towards the contractor corporation. This has now been lowered to 1.0, 2.0 in case of level 2 assignments, and so on. (Fading range is still 1.0)


  • Change: The price of every mobile teleport beacon has been multiplied by 5.


  • New: Added interference level indicator for the robot status window.
  • New: Added new landmark filter for interference emitters.
  • New: A new "Hold landmark sorting" hotkey option has been added (Options/Keyboard) which will stop the sorting update of the landmarks list while pressed to help easier target picking.
  • Change: Terminals and teleports are now displayed by their standard tactical icons on the radar.


  • Change: Updated the sound of medium autocannon shot effects.
  • Change: Updated the sound of small and medium magnetic weapon shot and hit effects.
  • Change: New Arkhe movement sound.
  • Change: Small improvements in almost all robot movement sounds.

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