Update news for 2010-12-01


  • Fix: Too long logs (transaction, relation etc.) caused client lag and crash/freeze problems when opening the Agent profile and Corporation management windows. These logs can now be viewed in 2-day steps.


  • Change: The bonus of the Spec. ops. robot control extension has been reduced to 1%.


  • Change: From now on only a CEO or a Deputy CEO can claim an outpost.


  • Fix: The issue that made various parts of the GUI constantly reset when someone joined the chat should be (mostly) fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed an error in the Russian italic fontset.


  • New: In order to avoid various issues it is not possible anymore to run multiple clients from the same folder. If you want to run multiple clients at the same time please create separate installations. (Simply make a copy of the Perpetuum game folder and that's all.)
  • Fix: The client was still registering keypresses when you minimized it by clicking its taskbar button.

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