Update news for 2010-11-19


  • Fix: There was an issue with incorrect EP accumulation rate for some players. Unfortunately this may now result in negative EP for some of you, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Negative EP will accumulate normally and you will be able to spend points again once it's above zero.
  • Fix: Plant mineral display was not updating and they seemingly didn't die even when they have been depleted.
  • Fix: Issues with terrain updates after using in-zone teleports, which resulted in invisible walls.
  • New: A new green circle icon will show you when you are the one who tagged an NPC. The old golden + icon will still mean that the NPC was tagged by someone else.


  • Fix: Unicode text did not work in corporation public descriptions.


  • Change: Assignment objective kills will now count for the player who tagged the NPC, not for the player with the killing shot.


  • New: Updated the descriptions of assignment specialization extensions so they now clearly explain which assignment types they affect.


  • Change: Client will now log into one file instead of separating them daily.

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