Update news for 2010-10-29


  • Change: Player loot drop chance has been increased to 50%.
  • Fix: Turrets were accidentally using the same hit formula as missiles, making big guns do less damage on small targets. (This was announced in the previous list of changes but only got in now.)

Robots and modules

  • Change: Seth base CPU decreased by 10.
  • Change: Zenith base CPU decresed by 25.


  • New: Added the "High-grade recycling" extension. The first level of this extension will enable the extraction of rare alligior and espitium from items during recycling. Every further level raises their extraction rate an additional 1%.
  • Change: Newly created combat-oriented Truhold-Markson characters will now receive more missile-related extensions and less turret-related ones.


  • Change: Recycling facilities now display the real material ratio.
  • Fix: Recycling some fragments only resulted 1 piece of certain components.
  • Change: Modified kernel research method: higher tier items are now only researchable through the corresponding level of kernels. This means that for example standard (Tier 1) items are available in Tier 1 kernels and upwards (all kernels basically), but the highest named items (Tier 4) are only available in Tier 4 and 5. Tier 5 kernels contain data for all item tiers (for the given kernel/robot size) and provide a research bonus too.


  • Change: If you abort tutorial assignments they will reappear again in your assignment list until you complete them once.
  • Change: Restructured tutorial assignment rewards.
  • Change: Reduced the amount of titan ore to be mined in #6 tutorial assignments.


  • New: Added option to enable/disable chat and combat log writing to file.

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