Update news for 2010-10-18 - Open beta


  • New: Added new Rank 0 NPC spawns, used in the new tutorial assignments.

Robots and modules

  • New: Introduced the Arkhe Mk2, available through tutorial assignments.
  • Change: Slightly boosted the strength of ECMs and reduced their cycle time. Their accumulator usage remained, so over time they consume more AP than before.
  • Fix: The total operational time of the Standard mobile teleport was wrongly set to 30 seconds and has been now reset to its original value.
  • Fix: Only one shield generator per robot is allowed, however you could still equip one small and one medium generator. This has now been fixed.


  • New: Improved beam graphics for energy drainer and energy transfer modules.
  • New: Added even more decorational buildings, most notably on Attalica.


  • Change: "Optimized shield usage" will now reduce the CPU usage of shield generators (previously accumulator usage reduction).
  • Fix: Evasive modules were not affected by the "Optimized engineering" extension.


  • Change: Reworked recycling method.
  • Fix: Selecting another item for recycling when the recycler window was already open didn't update the window.


  • Fix: Joining another corporation from NPC corporations or the Freelancer corporation didn't work.
  • Change: PR managers will now also receive operator status on the corporation channel.
  • Change: Removed the limitation when new corporation members couldn't be assigned roles for 24 hours. The limitation still remains for leaving members.


  • New: Added a new line of beginner assignments. Altogether 30 new assignments (10 per faction) covering all missiontypes will help new Agents with their first steps on Nia. These are unique assignments, which means that every character can only complete them once.


  • New: Added icons for "Syndicate protection" and "Molecular instability".


  • New: Slightly increased insurance payback.
  • New: You can now only send waypoints to someone who also added you as a friend.
  • New: Popup message when receiving a new waypoint.

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