Update news for 2010-10-11


  • Fix: The mineral count in plants sometimes stopped updating while harvesting.
  • Fix: Improved LOS-calculation for missiles.
  • Fix: Removed the gather function while outside as it had no effect there anyway.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Cycle time of shields set to 2 seconds and their activated AP usage decreased significantly.


  • Change: Made the terrain slope display brighter.


  • Fix: Standing rewards dropped to zero when you reached a certain standing with the contractor corporation. Now they are progressively lower the higher your standing is, when doing lower-level assignments.


  • Change: Added missing roles to PR manager: editing public info, creating, deleting and moderating corporation bulletins.


  • Fix: Changing between windowed and fullscreen mode reset the gamma slider.


  • Fix: Further attempts to remedy the dreaded N/A lag.
  • Fix: Various crash-fixes.

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