Update news for 2010-10-04 - The beauty patch

Spotlight features

This update brings the graphics and immersion of the outside environment to a whole new level.

Here is what the candybag holds:

  • Added a countless number of decorational structures and buildings contributing to the futuristic scenery of all islands (more to come in the next patches).
  • Completely new high-resolution ground textures.
  • Further improved lighting and day-night cycle.
  • Six brand new terrain ambience music tracks with an overall playtime of over 90 minutes. Also available as a separate download.

We are of course not stopping here. Contrary to popular belief we'll continuously make efforts to make Nia an even nicer place, even after the release of the game to the public.

Note: this patch is pretty big compared to what you might be used to from us - 152 MB.


  • New: NPC AI.
  • Change: Increased the time of the "Molecular instability" effect to 50 seconds.
  • Change: Field container sharing now only works within a squad, members of your corporation will need to enter the security code to open them.
  • Change: Teleports cannot be used anymore with an active PvP flag. The exception for this rule are in-zone teleport towers and mobile teleporters IF you are the one who deployed it.
  • Change: Mobile teleporters cannot be deployed within 1 km of a terminal.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Mined amount and explosion size parameters did not update on the terrain when changing to different types of ammo.
  • Fix: Targets lost over 1 km range couldn't be locked again.
  • Change: Base CPU capacity of Gropho increased to 380 TF.
  • Change: Base speed of Seth reduced to 36 kph.


  • Change: Medium ballistic missiles got their formal range back. 350m for normal, and 420m for long range mission reward missiles.
  • Change: Increased the arc of missiles' line of sight calculation (visuals are unaffected by this).


  • New: Added icon for corporation storage folders.

Graphic engine

  • New: Improved shadow distance.
  • Fix: Crash when having "Dummy robots" enabled and using sensor suppressors.


  • Fix: Disappearing production jobs when logging in directly on the terrain.
  • Change: Decreased the base time and money cost for level II and III prototype facilities.
  • Change: The base efficiency of Recycling facilites has been reduced to 20-25-30% for I-II-III levels, respectively.
  • Change: Halved the volume of raw materials.
  • Change: Removed fragments from medium firearm components.


  • Change: The corporation standings panel is now the first tab under the 'Relations' menu of the Agent profile window. It is now also sorted by standings by default.
  • New: The assignment type filter dropdown will now remember its setting.


  • Fix: While browsing the market, your own orders showed up for the currently viewed item when someone sold something to your buy orders.


  • New: Effect timers are now shown on the targeting computer as well.
  • New: Terrain blocked by buildings and decorations is now also included in the passable terrain display of the map/radar.
  • Fix: The icons when someone was using a demobilizer on you were not visible.


  • Fix: SAP hacking module did not work.
  • Fix: SAPs sometimes did not complete properly.


  • New: New tutorial for the first steps in a terminal.
  • Change: Tutorials have been moved into the Agent profile window.
  • Change: Chat timestamps are now server time.
  • Change: Geingrosh is now known as Norhoop.
  • New: More efficient network-layer.

Known issues

  • The teleport and terminal lightning beams are not visible.

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