Update news for 2010-09-15


  • New: Remote armor repairing or transferring energy to a PvP-flagged player will now give you a PvP-flag too.
  • Fix: Stacking 2 stacks of ammo didn't work.
  • Fix: Losing a target while modules are reloading will not stop the reloading cycle anymore.
  • Fix: Modules sometimes kept cycling when switching quickly to another target after the first one died.

Robots and modules

  • New: Introduced Mobile teleport beacons on the market. Once deployed on the field, mobile teleport beacons connect to the existing teleport tower networks and allow for quick extraction of robots over great distances. Only Agents within the same squad can use a deployed teleport beacon. Deploying works just like in the case of field containers, right click them in cargo and select "Deploy". Three types are available with varying parameters.
  • Fix: The effects of CPU and reactor bonuses were not visible in armor related module infos.
  • Fix: Missiles will now do damage if the player launching them dies while they are in-flight.

Graphic engine

  • New: Added a new "Low detail robots" option which will replace all robot models on the terrain to low resolution "dummy" ones and turn off their animation. Ugly, but useful for low-end machines.


  • Change: Industry NEXUS modules now have the "Efficient harvesting" extension as a prerequisite as well.
  • Change: "Optimized industrial engineering" now requires "Data processing" as prerequisite instead of "Efficient mining".
  • Change: "Target analysis" now affects missiles as well.
  • Change: "Critical hit" now has "Target analysis" as prerequisite instead of "General firing".
  • Change: "Target analysis" now doesn't have any prerequisites.
  • Change: Changed the complexity of "Improved falloff" to 4.


  • Fix: Broken standing and money rewards.
  • Change: Added an additional button for accepting assignments for a squad instead of the popup question.


  • Fix: Insurance calculation was broken.

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