Update news for 2010-09-09 - Beta wipe

Beyond various new features and the usual fixes, this update also brings our great beta wipe. All characters and corporations stay intact, but all their assets, extensions and knowledge get deleted.

However we don't start from full zero just yet, you get:

  • 4 months worth of Extension Points for every account (spend it wisely!)
  • 5 million NIC for every existing character (new characters will start with 20k NIC as usual)
  • Knowledge base filled with all standard items, all robots and all types of small ammunition for every existing character


  • New: Squad members can now see each other's positions on the radar also beyond the 1000m visibility limit.
  • Change: Removed the obsolete police warning popup window in secure areas.
  • Change: The syndicate protection timer is now 30 seconds.
  • New: Added a new timer when you enter a zone either by deploying, teleporting or logging in (basically materializing). This "Molecular instability" effect lasts for 30 seconds and prevents you from entering a terminal or using a teleport.
  • Fix: Removed the "Target lost" message that was shown every time you killed something.
  • New: Added new error messages for missing target issues.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Fixed broken resistance display of armor hardeners and universal armor plates.


  • Fix: The factory window will now update efficiency and material values after canceling a production.
  • Change: Removed the feature which looked through all containers and cargoholds and used them as a source for facilities. They will now only check the root of your private storage for materials.
  • Fix: Geoscanning results were sometimes corrupted.


  • Fix: Corporation storage log listing by date was broken.


  • New: When accepting an assignment you can now decide whether you would like to share the rewards with your squad members. Reward sharing is calculated at the moment of completing the assignment, so this means you can also create your squad or change members after accepting the assignment. Offline squad members however do not get a share.
  • Change: Low level assignments will not disappear due to high standing.
  • New: Added a difficulty level column to the assignment lists. Default sorting is now by level.
  • New: If you have a high standing with a contractor corporation but do low level missions for them, you will get less standing increase than normally.
  • New: Assignments now also give you some standing gain towards the corporations affiliated with the contractor corporation, and standing loss towards hostile corporations.
  • New: If you abort or fail a mission you will receive a standing decrease towards the contractor corporation (50% of what you would gain if completed).
  • New: Added a standings history panel to Agent profile/Relations/Corporation standings.


  • Fix: Corrected global market average calculations.
  • Change: Removed all NPC buy orders except for kernels.
  • Change: Moved Field containers to the new Field accessories category.


  • Fix: If you take over an outpost and you were registered for a future event at it, that registration will now be deleted and the fee will be transferred back.
  • New: The window of the specimen processing SAP will now close when it's completed.

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