Update news for 2010-07-14


  • Change: NPC drones that drop undamaged loot will now drop packaged loot.
  • Change: Agents will now only get the aggression flag if they shoot someone without a PvP flag in a police protected area. (Previously aggression was applied outside police range too.)

Robots and modules

  • New: 4 new NEXUS modules are now available via kernel technology: Assault, EW, Industrial and Fast Extractor.
  • Change: Armor plates give now slightly more HP bonus.
  • Fix: The Medium armor-piercing ballistic missile had a too high amount of components and thus an overly expensive price.

Graphic engine

  • New: Further speed optimizations, and less (~100MB) memory usage.


  • New: The new extension marking feature lets you mark any extension you want and will collect them under a separate filter available from the filter dropdown menu. Just click the star icon to mark and again to unmark them. You can also mark extensions from item information windows, so you can easily gather what you need for that new shiny mech of yours.


  • Fix: Repairshop: sorting by item status or repair price should now work properly and also fixed the seemingly random sorting by item.
  • Fix: The sorting of calibrated lines in the factory won't randomly change anymore.
  • Fix: Factory production cycles should now work properly.


  • New: Landmark list filters are now available for filtering by standing and robot types.
  • Fix: The bug when new objects popped up on top of the landmark list without a distance has been fixed.
  • Fix: The terrain scanner window will not close itself now when entering and exiting a terminal.
  • Fix: Trade window: increased the quantity column's default width and added thousands separator.

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