Update news for 2010-06-13


  • Fix: Robots cannot be be unpacked in robot cargo holds anymore.
  • Fix: Cargo usage display in the equipment window didn't update properly when using shift+drag (unstack).

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Tier 3 & 4 remote sensor amplifiers had their stats backwards and have been switched.
  • Fix: The Follypsos medium energy injector and its prototype were set as passive modules and did not work.


  • Change: Assignment reward ammunition changes: Heat-IX missiles are now multi damage type and 'Magnedart' magnetic ammo became supershort high damage.
  • Change: Nuimqol robots' railgun falloff bonus changed to global falloff bonus for all weapons.


  • Change: Disabled the Extensive and Intensive prismocitae harvesting extensions.


  • Change: Modified the standing rewards of level 1-2 assignments.
  • Change: Delivery mission items cannot be recycled anymore.


  • Change: Insurance expiry is now also shown as remaining time.

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