Update news for 2010-05-27

Graphic engine

  • New: Much better quality terrain shadows using 2.x shaders. (Players with only 2.0 shader compatible cards will still see the old blockier one.)
  • New: No more texture stretching on steep slopes (also only with 2.x capable GPUs).


  • Fix: Extensions had sometimes no effect outside on the field.


  • New: Confirmation popup when deleting the calibration of a production line.
  • Fix: Kernel research will now work from robot cargos and containers.
  • New: When uploading a new geoscan result the world map will now zoom onto it and turn on the display of scanresults when it was turned off.
  • New: A newly uploaded geoscan result did not get checked for display when the world map was already open.


  • Fix: Assignment title did not properly update on the terrain assignments window when it was aborted.
  • Fix: The system did not properly take mission items upon delivery when there were more than required.


  • Fix: Occasional "Item not found" error when selling items.


  • New: Updated some hit effect sounds.
  • New: Improved sounds for medium firearms.


  • New: Hotkeys for speed increase/decrease (NUM+/- by default).

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