Update news for 2010-04-01


  • Fix: Changing ammo in modules when there was not enough ammo in cargo for all of them resulted in disappearing ammo and modules stuck in reload.
  • Fix: Modules got sometimes stuck in a constant reload state when using reload all.
  • Fix: Weapons did not activate when a non-primary target was selected, even when there was a primary target present.


  • Change: Refinery: the "Waste" column has been changed to "Delta", which shows how much raw materials you need in comparison to an optimal level of refining efficiency. Optimal level here means a material ratio of 50% and a relation ratio of 0%. So a negative delta means you need less raw materials than this, a positive delta means you need more. This number in itself doesn't affect the "Required amount" column in any way, it's just an indicator of how efficient you are.
  • Fix: Manufacturing named items did not consume the correct amount of lower level items.


  • Fix: Bad column sorting in several places.

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