Update news for 2010-03-31

Important: We've included some debug features in this build to find out what causes the occasional crashes when entering a terminal. If you happen to experience such things, please contact us at: crash@perpetuum-online.com


  • Change: Locking other players is now allowed again on the 3 inner zones, but using offensive modules is not, unless the target has the PVP flag. This applies to all weapons and EW modules.
  • Fix: Robots bought from the market were damaged inside the package. Apparently someone forgot to apply the "Fragile" sign.
  • Fix: Modules will not activate anymore during locking when using alpha strike or single EW modules.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Removed a faulty "unknown" parameter from robot information panels.


  • Change: Refinery: maximum number of refineable materials in one processing session has been limited to 100000.

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