Update news for 2010-02-11 - Electronic warfare mechs

Spotlight feature

The 3 new electronic warfare-specialized mechs are now available: say hello to Ictus, Vagabond and Zenith!


  • New: Completely reworked the chat system. The server will now remember which channels you are on and you will stay there until you leave it, therefore the autojoin feature is obsolete and has been removed. The same applies to the register channel feature: channels don't need to be registered anymore as they are persistent as long as they have at least one member joined (persistence doesn't require to be online). Members will also retain their operator/muted statuses when they go offline and online again.
  • New: All public channels are now listed in the Chat channels window.
  • New: Added mute/unmute feature. Muted channel members cannot write, only see what others write. They are shown with their names in italic.
  • Change: You cannot manually leave or get kicked from special channels anymore. This includes corporation, squad and terminal channels.
  • Fix: Entering password protected channels works now.
  • New: Two new chat options are available on the Options/Gameplay panel: one to keep chat focus after pressing enter, and the other to pop up new chat message tabs.
  • New: Added Agent interaction options to the right-click menu of private chat message tabs.
  • Fix: Doubleclicking the chatwindow's header will now properly maximize/restore it.


  • New: Added the doubletap autorun feature. Press forward (W by default) twice quickly to activate. Autorun can be interrupted for example by pressing any of the movement keys again or using the approach function.
  • New: The landmark filters now also apply to terrain icons.
  • Fix: Disappearing cargo when using "take all" on field containers.
  • Fix: Sometimes a second empty lootwindow popped up after taking all items from a loot container.
  • Fix: Another try at fixing negative ammo on reload all.
  • Fix: Selecting dropdown menus will no longer disable robot controls.
  • Fix: Rightclick-repair on items now works correctly when the repairshop window is already open.
  • Fix: Alpha strike (space button) will not try to activate weapons anymore when no primary target is present.
  • Fix: The "Promote to squad leader" option is now only shown on squad members.


  • Change: Marketing/purchasing extensions' bonuses and required extensions have been reworked, so you now have to learn more of those levels, in order to rule the market.


  • New: Added models for medium energy transferer/drainer/neutralizer modules.
  • Fix: Fixed many intersecting and missing modules in various armtypes. If you still happen to find missing definitions (big red box) please report them on the forums.


  • Fix: Armor repair tunings were not affected by the Economical and Optimized armor usage extensions.


  • New: Added a Deliver option to the rightclick menu of active assignments.
  • Fix: Set the default sorting for the assignment log.


  • Change: The pay rent button on corporation storages is now only active if the rent has expired.


  • Change: Recycling named items will no longer return their lower level module components.


  • Fix: The maximum buy order limit had no effect.


  • New: Added/updated sounds of various functions.


  • New: Added experimental support for Xfire.
  • New: Console key is now reassignable.
  • Fix: Agent notes are now saved properly.
  • Fix: Holding down the right mouse button on waypoints will no longer mass-delete them all.
  • Fix: Corrected the description of Epriton.
  • New: Added new Vista/7 compatible application icon.

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