Update news for 2010-01-30 - Assignments

Spotlight feature

The Assignment system is now active. Altogether 81 NPC-contracted offers are available on all three starter bases, currently consisting of the following variety: Military recon, Bounty hunting, Destroy & recover, Transportation, Geology assignment and Mineral exploitation. These are all low-level and open-world assignments for now, more challenging and instanced types will also be added soon.


  • Fix: Various cargo load update bugs. Also, no more 'Cargo is full' errors when trying to package an item in cargo.
  • Fix: Various ammo reloading bugs (negative ammo, reloads not using ammo etc.).
  • New: Reinstated the Arkhe request timer. If you request an Arkhe you will have to wait 5 minutes before you can request another.
  • Change: Removed the "automatic" option from scanner modules as they work always in "oneshot" mode anyways.
  • Fix: Chassis/cargo scanners cannot be activated without a target anymore.
  • New: Confirmation box when emptying a robot.


  • Change: Reduced accumulator usage of laser weapons.
  • Change: The bonus of the 'Seismics' extension has been reduced to 3% per level.
  • Change: Slightly increased damage of the medium sonic ballistic missile.
  • Change: Slightly reduced explosion size of small and medium sonic compact missiles.
  • Change: Riveler and Symbiont received an additional leg slot.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Bad calculations for seismic damage type on missile launchers, which caused them do to more damage than intended.
  • Fix: Armor repairer tunings affect both normal and remote armor repairer modules, despite their descriptions stating otherwise. The latter has now been corrected.
  • Change: As a preliminary change for the new production system, lower level items have been added to named items' component lists. Due to the large number of items not all of them received this change yet, so you don't have to report this as a bug.


  • New: Added icons for auxiliary accumulator, energy injector charge and universal harvester charge.

Graphic engine

  • New: More stable shadow engine.
  • Fix: Resource leaks when having no active robot.


  • Fix: ECM modules were unaffected by the 'Long distance electronic warfare' extension.
  • Change: Removed the following extensions: Bounty hunting, Advanced parallel assignments, Confidential status improvement.


  • Change: Corporation storage names are now limited at 30 characters.


  • Fix: Opened extensions window is now properly updated upon deploying.


  • New: Target lock/unlock sounds.


  • New: Corporation short ID is now shown for chat members.
  • New: Current Agent's name is now shown on the top statusbar.
  • Fix: A server error was hindering the reuse of deleted character names on the same account.


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