Update news for 2010-01-15 - Industrial heavy mechs

Robots and modules

  • New: The two industrial heavy mechs Symbiont and Riveler are now available. These sturdy behemoths are ideal tools for the exploitation of minerals on a grand scale.
  • Fix: Fixed locktime and resists on the Sequer.


  • Change: Rolled back ECM modules' accumulator usage and cycle time values to previous levels (75 AP and 15 secs).
  • Change: ECM specialized robots' ECM strength bonus has been reduced to 5% per level.
  • Change: Reduced the optimal range of named long range magnetic weapons. More balancing to come in this field soon.
  • Fix: Medium compositecore slug requires now Advanced magnetostatics 5 to bring it in line with the other advanced ammos (needed only level 1 previously).


  • New: 'Take selected' option in loot windows.


  • Change: Slight terrain changes to grant passage to some isolated NPC spawns.


  • New: Waypoints are now shown on the radar as well (only those within 1000m to avoid clutter).

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