Update news for 2010-01-13


  • Change: The experiment that was "activating modules while locking" has now ended and was deemed unsuccessful. All module activation requires full target lock again. This also fixes the ewar bug of demobilizers and sensor suppressors.
  • New: The 'Missile guidance failure' attribute has appeared on all robots. Equipped missile launchers will equally have 10% chance to miss, which can be reduced with the 'Missile guidance' extension (all the way to 0%).
  • Fix: Module deactivation on errors should now work properly (target destroyed/lost, out of range, no mineral on tile, cargo full, etc.).
  • Change: The 'Standby module activation' and 'No automatic deactivation' features had to be removed due to how module activation/deactivation is handled now by the server.
  • Fix: Weapons won't activate for a cycle anymore if you don't have a primary target.
  • Fix: All NPC dropped loot is now damaged again (except for starter drones).
  • Fix: Accumulator is now properly recharged upon deployment. Previously this happened only after activating a module.
  • Fix: The home base feature should work again properly.
  • Fix: The aggression flag was only applied when you started a criminal action, but was removed even if you continued after the timer ended. This has now been fixed and the timer will only start after you stop your wrongdoings.
  • Change: Syndicate protection upon deployment will now be turned off as soon as you start locking a target.
  • Change: Aggression is now applied as soon as you activate a weapon and not just when your shot hits.
  • Change: You cannot enter a base anymore if you have the aggression flag on you.
  • Change: Modules won't deactivate when you log off or get disconnected from the terrain (up until you finally disappear of course). This should slightly raise survival chances.
  • Fix: The last charge of miners/harvesters didn't yield any minerals.
  • Fix: 'Ammo not found' message is sent instead of the general 'Error: Item not found' if no suitable ammo is found in the cargo when reloading a module.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Module info attributes were constantly increased when putting them from one slot to another one.


  • Change: The magnetic weapons optimal range bonus of Yagel, Arbalest and Mesmer have been changed to falloff bonus.


  • New: Improved missile smoke trail effect.
  • New: Improved hit effects for missiles.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Radar police range circles were not properly displayed under Windows 7.


  • Fix: Loading of extensions should be faster now.


  • Fix: The send button for a new corporation bulletin now also checks whether the subject field is empty.
  • Change: Corporation bulletins can now also be deleted by Deputy CEOs.
  • Change: Confirmation popup for deleting bulletins.
  • Change: Fixed corporation ticker/code inconsistency, the feature is now called "Short ID".
  • Change: After joining a corporation you cannot switch corporations again within 24 hours.


  • Fix: Opened sell order windows were updated with wrong data when at the same time another item was selected on the market.


  • Fix: The scrollbar for mail contents now properly extends to the bottom.
  • Fix: Missing names for the Icon and Angle columns in the landmarks window.


  • Fix: Several SQL errors could be seen due to database congestion (mostly in connection with stacking, equipment, etc). This was also responsible for the tremendous lag spikes, but should be now fixed.
  • New: It is now possible to use the names of previously deleted characters for new ones on the same account.
  • New: New option to automatically join chat channels upon login. The option can be turned on or off in the channel tabs' right-click menu.
  • New: Option to globally show/hide joinpart messages in chat. (Options - Gameplay tab)
  • New: Double clicking on search results will now open their profile windows.
  • New: Client update progressbar now shows total size of (new) assets to be downloaded.
  • Fix: Opening cargoholds of non-active robots was broken.
  • Fix: Removing items from a container with the shift key pressed (unstack) will now properly update the container load.
  • Fix: Sending waypoints to friends should work again.
  • Change: All checkboxes on the map will be enabled by default to avoid confusion, especially in case of scanresult displays.
  • Change: The network profiler has been merged into the normal profiler window. (console command: openprofiler)

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