Update news for 2010-01-05


  • New: Added repair robot option into hangar context menu again.
  • Fix: Cargo window is now closed when you are destroyed.
  • Fix: Robots cannot be put in field containers anymore.
  • Fix: Module ammo was sometimes refilled when relogging without using any ammo from cargo.
  • Fix: Approach jump exploit.
  • Fix: Speedhack exploit.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Some faulty module information fields introduced in the last patch have been fixed.
  • Fix: Seismic damagetype throughout ALL ammo types was dealing kinetic instead.
  • Fix: The Sequer was missing the volume display on its icon.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Poor graphics performance in connection with broken shadows.
  • Fix: Ground tile selection and lock circles are now properly rendered in front of scanresult columns.


  • Fix: Magnetic weapons' wake does not follow the moving target anymore.


  • New: The 'Propellant mixing' extension is now available. It raises the range of missiles by 3% per level.


  • Change: Order cancel delay is now shown as remaining time.


  • Fix: Error when stacking or unstacking robots.
  • Fix: Repair button in the repairshop window was disabled when trying to repair a single Arkhe.
  • Fix: Squad button didn't work in bases.
  • Change: Removed the credit transfer option from yourself.

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