Update news for 2009-12-28 - Field containers


  • New: Field containers are now available on the market. These can be put in your robot's cargohold and deployed on the terrain, where other players can put in or take items from it. You also need to set a 4-digit security code when deploying these, and only you and those you tell the code can open them. A deployed field container will disappear after 10 minutes, but activity will stop the timer (having it opened).
  • Change: From now on damaged robots need to be repaired for credits in the repairshop, just like modules.
  • Change: Missiles now also have a chance to miss when target lock is not complete, just like other weapons.
  • Change: Inner zone teleports will now take you from teleport to teleport.
  • Change: Relocated the teleport stations in Domhalarn and Geingrosh. These zones also received some terraforming love.
  • Fix: Miners and harvesters now properly finish their cycle even if turned off before the first cycle ends.
  • Fix: Seemingly jerky movement of other players when they were approaching a moving target.
  • Fix: Volume miscalculations when packing or unpacking items in robot cargos.
  • Fix: Terrain slope display disappeared after teleporting.

Robots and modules

  • New: Besides your maximum number of locked targets controlled by the 'Targeting' extension, robots' maximum number of locked targets is now also displayed in information windows (in parentheses). For example '2 pcs (5 pcs)' means you can currently lock 2 targets, but if you upgrade the Targeting extension, you will be able to lock up to 5 targets with that robot.
  • Fix: Losing or unlocking your target while chassis/cargo scanning it, or trying to scan outside of range will no more result in an endless 'target not found' loop.
  • Fix: Non-automatic (oneshot) mode on modules is working again.
  • Fix: EW modules will turn off properly when target is out of range.


  • Change: Troiar accumulator recharge time has been improved.
  • Change: Cycle time and accumulator usage of ECMs have been reduced.
  • Change: Lowered reactor usage of laser weapon tunings.
  • Change: Locking range modifiers of sensor suppressors have been reduced.
  • Change: Target locking time of all robots have been increased to 12.5 sec.


  • Fix: Bugged energy neutralizer beam.
  • Fix: Shield bubble didn't disappear when the shield turned off due to insufficient energy.
  • Change: Changed the model of the Flixia plant.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Object picking sometimes did not work correctly.


  • Fix: The 'Demobilization' extension had no effect.
  • Change: 'Sensor connection' now affects non-remote sensor amplifiers too.
  • Change: Extension upgrading when outside had to be turned off again, it generated too many issues unfortunately.


  • Change: Manufactured robots will now be packaged.


  • Fix: If an Agent creates or joins a corporation, all its other applications will now be automatically deleted.


  • Fix: NPCs will use their EW modules again.
  • Fix: Pelistal drones were accidentally dropping medium missile launchers.
  • Fix: Energy drainers should work properly on NPCs now.


  • Fix: Crash when canceling the same advert twice.
  • Fix: Harvester module patents are now listed in their correct categories.


  • Fix: Occasional client freeze when closing in-game windows.
  • Fix: Main menu buttons will now work as toggle buttons, with exception of Help, Corporation storages, Equipment and Private storage.


  • New: Waypoints are now visible on the terrain and in the landmarks list as well. There is also a filter where you can turn them off.
  • New: Terrain camera zoomlevel is now saved.
  • Fix: Server error when a corporation search didn't yield any results.
  • Change: The repairshop will now combine multiple item repairs into one transaction, instead of listing them one by one.

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