Update news for 2009-12-10


  • Change: New players will start again with 2 machineguns equipped. The starter mining module can be found in the cargo of the Arkhe and equipped as needed.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Miner and harvester modules were using 2 charges per cycle.
  • Fix: The first cycle of remote armor repairers had no effect, and sometimes repaired at the end of cycles also.
  • Fix: Energy drainers and energy transferers were working inverted.
  • Fix: Robot cargo window headers now display the correct volumes.


  • Change: CAUTION: Electronic/energy warfare is now considered aggressive! This includes ECM, demobilizer, sensor suppressor, energy drainer and energy neutralizer. Using these within police area on other players WILL get you fried!
  • Fix: When a target is destroyed the last lethal shots were most of the time invisible, this has now been fixed.


  • Fix: The descriptions of specialist robot control extensions (f.e. Pelistal robot control) have been modified to show that beyond enabling the piloting of robot classes, these extensions actually give various bonuses too.
  • Fix: The description of the 'Targeting' extension has been clarified.


  • Change: You no longer have the option to create a corporation bulletin if you don't have the necessary rights.


  • New: Factional drones have appeared near the main terminals.
  • New: Drones now drop kernels as well.


  • New: The currently viewed zone's name is now displayed in the top left corner of the map.

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