Update news for 2009-12-09

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Newly purchased, manufactured or requested robots had 0 HP.
  • Fix: Damaged robots cannot be packaged anymore.
  • Fix: Miner and harvester modules didn't work properly after the first cycle.
  • Fix: The cycle time bonuses of mining charges were calculated wrong, reducing cycles much more than intended.
  • Fix: The energy injector added energy at the end of its cycle, it will now do it at the beginning as expected.
  • Fix: Robot locking time bonuses were functioning inverted.


  • Fix: Some extensions had their prices corrected to be in line with their complexity.
  • Fix: 'Complex missile launch' was missing its prerequisite.
  • Fix: The 'Targeting' extension didn't have any effect, it should now be working properly.


  • Fix: NPCs will no longer try to gangbang police towers.


  • Fix: Triandlus is now harvestable again and available in abundant quantities.

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