Update news for 2009-11-10

Note: Some of the changes listed here already got implemented earlier, but are included in this first changelog due to their importance.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: The magnetic and laser weapon tunings only worked correctly when more than one of them was fitted.
  • Fix: The Syn-tec light armor plate didn't give any armor bonus.
  • Fix: The cargo volume of the Arkhe in its information window didn't match with the real value. This has been corrected, but only applies to new Arkhes from now.
  • Fix: Cargo volumes of some robots of the same class didn't match.
  • Fix: Closing the game with activated modules resulted sometimes that you were unable to activate them again when relogging.
  • Fix: Tracking speed display was inconsistent when viewed from the fitting or the robot information panel.
  • Fix: Item duplication occured (visual only) when trying to replace a module full of charges but the source container didn't have enough free space.


  • Change: Extension upgrading has been disabled while undocked. This was necessary to avoid confusion since your extensions were only updated after you docked anyways.
  • Fix: The extension filter now remembers the last setting.
  • Fix: The "Basic marketing" and "Basic purchasing" extensions had no effect.
  • Fix: Descriptions for the following extensions have been corrected: Optimized electronics, Remote sensor boosting, Economical armor usage, Optimized armor usage, Efficient shield usage, Optimized shield usage, Indirect reactor expansion, Armor repair, Critical hit, Improved falloff, Tracking.


  • Fix: Mining laser beams were sometimes displayed incorrectly.


  • Fix: The corporation storages window wasn't updated properly when you left a corporation.
  • Fix: The too strict character filter when naming corporation storages has been corrected.
  • Fix: Corporation storage folders could be moved into your private storage and caused errors.
  • Fix: The 24 hour cooldown for deposits made on the corporation account also applied for the creator, this should now be fixed.


  • Fix: The numerical inputs for selling and buying items received a limit.
  • Fix: The energy injector charge and its patent are now available on the market.
  • Fix: The Tile-based geoscanner ammo for Liquizit was only available at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal.


  • Fix: The "Use corporation account" checkbox when requesting a license had no effect.


  • New: Item and stack volumes are now shown on item icons.
  • Fix: Assigning a key will no longer jump to the beginning of the hotkey list.
  • Fix: Closing an information window while it was still loading caused sometimes a crash.
  • Fix: Item icons sometimes stuck to the cursor.
  • Fix: The default size of the Landmarks window has been adjusted to show hidden columns.


  • New: Numerous new ambient sounds.


  • New: Hotkeys for many functions including targeting and module usage. You can check the default keys and also reassign them in the options panel (ESC key).
  • New: Passable slope display for the terrain. Turning this on will paint the areas which are too steep for your robot red. This function doesn't have a default key, so you have to assign one in the options panel if you'd like to use this.
  • New: Combat logging has been reactivated, but is not yet complete. You can turn it on from the top menu bar when outside.
  • New: From now on new Agents will find some tile-based and universal scanner charges in their cargo as well.
  • New: Terminal and Squad chat channels.
  • New: Credit transfer now displays the recipient.
  • New: Ammunition and charge information panels now display the minimum quantity needed to recycle them.
  • New: Channel op names in chat are highlighted in yellow.
  • Fix: Using "stack all" when there is only one item in a container will no longer cause an error.
  • Change: The chatbox will now lose focus after pressing the enter key.
  • New: We now have changelogs.

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